top1 [ tap ] noun ***
▸ 1 highest place/part
▸ 2 highest/best position
▸ 3 container lid/cover
▸ 4 piece of clothing
▸ 5 farthest part
▸ 6 toy that spins
▸ 7 fruit/vegetable leaves
▸ 8 beginning
1. ) count usually singular the highest place, point, part, or surface of something:
We could see mountain tops in the distance.
at the top of something: I left my purse at the top of the stairs.
the very top: Our cat had climbed to the very top of the tree.
reach the top: We reached the top of the hill and looked down.
on top (of something): He sprinkled cocoa powder on top of the cake.
a ) a flat surface, especially the flat upper surface of a piece of furniture:
You need to wipe down the table tops.
2. ) the top the highest status within a group or organization, or the person in this position:
She started as an administrative assistant and worked her way to the top.
at the top of your game/profession: This season he's at the top of his game.
3. ) count a lid or cover for a container:
I lost the top to my shampoo bottle.
a ) a cover for a pen
4. ) count a piece of clothing that covers the upper part of your body:
This store carries a lot of nice knit tops.
his pajama top
5. ) singular BRITISH the part of something such as a street that is furthest away from you:
They've bought a new house at the top of our road.
6. ) count a child's toy that spins around on a point
7. ) count usually plural the leaves on some vegetables, for example onions
8. ) the top INFORMAL the beginning of an activity, especially a performance of something:
take it from the top: Let's take it from the top of the second act.
a ) in baseball, the first half of an INNING
at the top of the list INFORMAL
of greatest importance:
Sports were not at the top of the list.
at the top of your voice/lungs
with a very loud voice:
She was singing at the top of her lungs.
to be the best or most successful:
This place is the tops for outstanding facilities.
come out on top/come out tops INFORMAL
to be the best or the winner:
Phil always comes out on top.
from top to bottom
completely and thoroughly:
We cleaned the house from top to bottom.
something gets on top of you INFORMAL
if a problem or difficult situation gets on top of you, you become unable to deal with it effectively:
Things are really getting on top of me at home.
off the top of your head
immediately and without thinking very much:
Off the top of my head, I'd say we have about 200 members.
on top
in a situation where you are in control or winning:
The Bears stayed on top throughout most of the game.
on top of
1. ) covering someone or something:
His bike fell on top of him.
2. ) in addition to something else:
On top of all his financial problems, his wife left him.
3. ) in control of what is happening:
on top of things: I try to stay on top of things.
4. ) very close to someone or something:
The truck was almost on top of me.
on top of the world
in a very good mood because things are going well for you
push/put someone over the top AMERICAN
to make someone successful in a competition or activity
=> BLOW1
top 2 [ tap ] adjective usually before noun ***
1. ) at or on the highest part of something:
Our room is on the top floor.
I can't reach the top shelf of the closet.
the top left-hand corner of the envelope
top half: The top half of the wall came crashing down.
2. ) highest in status, degree, or importance:
At top speed, these airplanes break the sound barrier.
It's one of the top business schools in the country.
top prize: He won the top prize.
a top player/scientist/student: He's one of the top players in the league.
top priority: Our top priority now is finding shelter for the flood victims.
3. ) BRITISH INFORMAL used about someone you like very much:
She's a top girl with a great sense of humor.
better than all the others:
When it comes to Italian cooking, this restaurant is tops.
top 3 [ tap ] verb transitive **
1. ) to be larger than a particular amount:
The costs for the project may top $50 million.
a ) top an offer/bid to say you will pay more money for something than someone else:
Another couple topped our offer by $1,000.
2. ) often passive to cover something with a layer of something else:
top something with something: pizza topped with pepperoni
be topped by something: hills topped by clumps of trees
3. ) to be better or more impressive than something else:
I don't think I can top your fishing story.
a ) to be in the most important or popular position in a series of things:
top a bill: Topping our entertainment bill tonight is someone I know you'll love.
top a list/chart: The book is now topping bestseller lists all over the world.
4. ) LITERARY to reach the top of a hill or slope
to top it all (off) SPOKEN
in addition to everything else that was said or done:
To top it all, she left me with huge debts.
,top `off phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to finish something with a final activity or detail:
top something off with something: We topped off the evening with a carriage ride.
2. ) top off or top up to completely fill a container that is already partly full:
I just want to top off the tank before we head into the desert.
,top `out phrasal verb intransitive
if a rate or an amount tops out, it reaches its highest level:
top out at: Mortgage rates topped out at 10% before falling last spring.
,top `up phrasal verb transitive
a ) to add more liquid to someone's glass or cup to make it full
2. ) to add more to something in order to bring it up to the level you want or need:
a way to top up your earnings

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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